Biopsy Ashgrove

Looking for a comfortable, affordable and accurate Biopsy in Ashgrove? At Metro Radiology, our professional and highly qualified team of Radiologists are committed to delivering the highest quality diagnostic radiology services to our valued patients. We understand affordability and speed is of the upmost importance, which is why we pride ourselves on providing the best healthcare at a reasonable cost, no matter the medical condition.

Metro Radiology’s Biopsy in Ashgrove  provide patients with a minimally invasive solution for detecting and diagnosing serious illness and disease, helping to reduce risk, and discomfort, and ease your mind in what can be a stressful situation. Common procedures include facet joint block, nerve root block and musculoskeletal injections, however our well-equipped team of Radiologists are sure to assist in any of your biopsy needs. What’s more, our minimally invasive procedure improves recovery time for patients, reducing the impact of biopsy procedures on your busy life.

Appointments are mandatory when booking a Biopsy in Ashgrove with Metro Radiology. Simply phone our friendly team on 100 163 876 for details on the duration and preparation requirements.

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