Computed Tomography Scan Brisbane

Metro Radiology is equipped with the latest technology to conduct quality computed tomography scans in the Brisbane area. Computed tomography scans (commonly known as a CT scan or previously known as a CAT scan) are done with the utilisation of our 64 multi-slice CT scanner. This state-of-the art equipment allows us to generate high quality images as well as a three dimensional image reconstruction of your body. Technology such as this provides us with a chance to detect certain medical conditions in order to create a diagnosis and assist with a medical solution.

Our computed tomography scan in Brisbane lets us take images in slices. The more slices we have, the easier it is to read into fine details. Once we have each separate slice, we can put them together to create a three dimensional scan of your entire body or body part. In preparation for your appointment you should arrive 1-1.5 hours early, this is because you may be required to drink some oral contrast fluid. This simply outlines the stomach and bowels for all abdomen and pelvic CT scans.

At Metro Radiology, our computed tomography scan in Brisbane are conducted by our professional team of Radiologists and Technicians to ensure a comfortable and accurate diagnostic medical imaging experience. To find out more about our quality computed tomography scan in Brisbane, please call our friendly team today on 1300 1 METRO (1300 163876).

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