General Ultrasound Service Fortitude Valley

Metro Radiology are the trusted experts in general ultrasound services in Fortitude Valley. Located in Ashgrove, Metro Radiology consists of a team of highly qualified and respected radiologists, technologists and imaging assistants, offering prompt and comprehensive diagnostic radiology services in Brisbane.

With the aim to deliver fast turn around and accurate reports, and provide easy appointment availability for all patients, we strive to be an integral part of your healthcare and diagnostic process. When choosing Metro Radiology for your radiology needs, you’ll be treated with professional, friendly care. Our dedicated specialists will make you feel comfortable and at home throughout your service, while delivering a quality radiology service that doesn’t compromise on affordability. You’re sure to be satisfied with our general ultrasound service in Fortitude Valley.

Metro Radiology’s general ultrasound service in Fortitude Valley is performed by experienced Sonographers using a state-of-the-art ultrasound scanner to generate images of select body parts. Abdominal organs, soft tissue masses, vascular structures (veins and arteries), musculoskeletal structures and imaging of the unborn baby and the placenta are typical body areas examined through ultrasound.

Appointments are mandatory for Metro Radiology’s general ultrasound, and usually take less than 20 minutes. Necessary preparation varies depending on the particular bod part or region being examined. Generally, we require a 6 hour fast (for abdominal ultrasound scans), or oral pre-hydration to ensure bladder is full prior to arrival (for pelvic scans).

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