General Ultrasound Service Windsor

Are you looking for a quality general ultrasound service in Windsor? Metro Radiology offers comprehensive diagnostic radiology services in Brisbane. At Metro Radiology, we strive to be an integral part of your healthcare and diagnostic process. Offering a comfortable, affordable and accurate diagnostic medical imaging experience, our friendly technicians make our patients feel at home.

All of Metro Radiology radiologists are Australian trained and accredited specialist doctors, offering professional medical imaging advice of the highest standard in radiology and nuclear medicine. Our office uses only the latest in radiology equipment that complies with Australian standards, ensuring patience experience minimal radiation exposure while providing the highest quality medical imaging achievable. Priding ourselves on our professionalism and quality services that don’t compromise on affordability, you won’t be disappointed with our general ultrasound service in Windsor.

Performed by experienced Sonographers using a state-of-the-art ultrasound scanner, our general ultrasound and pregnancy ultrasound scans are generally use to examine abdominal organs, soft tissue masses, vascular structures (veins and arteries), musculoskeletal structures and imaging of the unborn baby and the placenta. Most ultrasound appointments take less than 20 minutes, however an obstetric scan may take longer at up to 1 hour. Necessary preparation varies depending on the particular body part or region being examined. Our friendly team will advise to you any preparation necessary upon booking an appointment.

Don’t settle for a sub-par service. Call Metro Radiology now on (07) 2266 9123 and make an appointment for your general ultrasound service in Windsor. 

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