Ultrasound Scan Ashgrove

At Metro Radiology, we pride ourselves on providing comfortable, affordable and accurate Ultrasound Scan in Ashgrove. Our highly qualified and well respected team of radiologists, technologists and imaging assistants hold Australian accreditation for accurate and trusted service. We strive to be an integral and caring part of your healthcare and diagnostic process with our ‘hassle free’ imaging experience.

Our Ultrasound Scan in Ashgrove can assist in generating images of a range of body parts, including abdominal organs, soft tissue masses, vascular structures, musculoskeletal structures and imaging of the unborn baby and the placenta. At Metro Radiology, our experienced Sonographers use state-of-the-art ultrasound scanners that comply with Australian standards, providing the highest quality medical imaging achievable.

When booking your Ultrasound Scan in Ashgrove with Metro Radiology, our friendly team will be sure to advise you of any preparation necessary for your appointment. This may include a six hour fast (for abdominal scans) or oral pre-hydration to ensure the bladder is full prior to arrival (for pelvic scans). When choosing Metro Radiology for your healthcare needs, you can rest assured our professional and highly qualified team will take the upmost care in bringing you a comfortable, affordable and accurate ultrasound scan experience.

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