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Are you looking for a quality and dependable x-ray imaging service in Windsor? Metro Radiology is a leading name in the Diagnostic Medical Imaging services industry. Providing a quality imaging service to patients and referring clinicians alike, we pride ourselves on unbeatable professionalism, quality service and affordability. Metro Radiology is the only choice for comprehensive medical imaging, with a wide array of services available including OPG & Dental Imagine, Ultrasound and Pregnancy Ultrasound, Mammography and more. Our friendly and professional Radiologists are all highly qualified and hold Australian accreditation, and are committed to providing a caring and ‘hassle free’ imaging experience for you. You’ll feel right at home when choosing Metro Radiology for your x-ray imaging service in Windsor.

X-ray, also known as a radiography, take images of body structures to play a vital role in the accurate diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions. Metro Radiology’s x-ray imaging service in Windsor provides clients with an affordable and reliable service, which doesn’t compromise on a personal and caring experience. Our expert Radiologists use state-of-the-art equipment, which comply with Australian standards, reduce radiation exposure and provide the highest quality medical imaging achievable. X-ray imaging at Metro Radiology requires no appointment, no special preparation, and takes only a few minutes per body region. We ask all patients to allow for 30 minutes in total for their x-ray service.

Choose the best x-ray imaging service in Windsor. Call Metro Radiology on 1300 163 876, and be amazed at our professional and personal service.

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