X-ray Imaging Services in Alderley

At Metro Radiology, comprehensive diagnostic radiology services is what we do. Striving to provide a holistic approach for our patients, our x-ray imaging services in Alderley lets our qualified and accredited Radiologists diagnose and treat a variety of medical conditions easily.  

Here at Metro Radiology, we are a leading name in diagnostic medical imaging services in Alderley and the wider Brisbane region. We strive to use only the best and newest technologies available, including our state-of-the-art Medical Imaging Scanners. An added benefit of our quality medical equipment is its high image quality as well as minimum radiation exposure, meaning our patients safety is always put first.

Metro Radiology’s x-ray imaging services in Alderley are a quick and easy process, to ensure a convenient, comfortable and hassle-free experience for all patients, while still ensuring accurate results and professional care.

For a premium quality and affordable x-ray imaging service in Alderley, please simply walk-in during opening hours or call our friendly team on 1300 763 876 to check wait times – no appointment necessary.

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